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Author of Being Strategic, Monitoring and Evaluation and The Effective School Governor, David has also written Getting to grips with performance related pay (e-book) and Outstanding governance for academies - ensuring a skilled and confident governing body (training pack) for Optimus publishing.

He was a governor at Priory school, Weston-super-Mare, in the 1990s and Rose Hill primary school, Oxford, in the 2000s. He chaired the Interim Executive Board at Berinsfield primary school, Oxfordshire between 2012 and 2013. The school is now an academy. He served as Chair of Governors at Kingham primary school, Oxfordshire during 2014/2015. He also chairs an IEB at Dundry primary school, North Somerset.


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Some of the services I provide:-

Between May 2011 and March 2015 I have provided the following services in ten different local authorities:

  • Written and delivered training sessions for governing bodies, including Academy governors
  • Keynote speech at conferences for governors, clerks and governor associations
  • School governance reviews and reports, including in a MAT
  • Research project on commercial services for governors
  • Research and publicity article for a governors' intranet provider
  • Helpline advice for governors in a city area
  • Setting up and developing a chairs' mentoring project
  • Reviewing an authority governor appointment process
  • Development work with a city wide collaborative project
  • Chairing two Interim Executive Boards (IEB)
  • Investigation of allegations against a governing body
  • Evaluation of an IEB
  • Leading two primary schools towards sponsored Academy status
  • Advising a Free school on policies and governance
  • Facilitating a workshop for headteachers in a partnership cluster
  • Supporting governance professionals in writing bids for a national project
  • Advising a group of clerks on accreditation
  • Reviewing an LA Governor Services team and offer
  • Reviewing a dispute between governors and a headteacher
  • Setting up and facilitating two networks for chairs of governors
  • Investigating three cases of alleged misconduct and writing a report on the investigation for a governing body
  • Facilitating teambuilding between the head and staff at a primary school
  • Advising an LA on the establishment of a team of governor consultants to add capacity to school improvement work
  • Investigating and reporting on allegations of impropriety by a secondary school during an Ofsted investigation

If I can help you in any of these ways - or any ways I haven't thought of yet - get in touch!

I have also:

  • Written a training workshop for chairs of governors for the National College
  • Assessed National Leaders of Governance for the National College
  • Written articles for a governors' newsletter
  • Written articles for School Governor Update
  • Revised Being Strategic and Monitoring and Evaluation and contributed features to the School Governors' Yearbooks 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014
  • Drafted the basis for "Knowing Your School: Governors and staff performance" for NGA
  • Written two articles for Governor Doc (Adamson Books)
  • Written an e-book on performance related pay for Optimus Publishing
  • Provided consultancy for Best Practice Network in relation to the national programme for chairs of governors
  • Delivered a webinar on Governing Body Self-Evaluation for Optimus Publishing
  • Written a governor's calendar and supporting articles for Optimus Publishing
  • Written e-bulletins for governors via Optimus Publishing
  • Contributed articles for successive editions of The School Governor's Yearbook




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My Books:-

See the Publications page for full details of the published books I have written: "Being Strategic" and "Monitoring and Evaluation".
These books quote from and include references to a number of publications, not all of which are still available in downloadable form. Below lists and links to all those currently available.

Being Strategic

DfES: Governing the school of the future

National College: National Standards for Headteachers

DfE: Structural Reform Plan - also known as the Business Plan

OECD: Scenarios for schooling for tomorrow: school governance scenarios

Ofsted: School governance: making it better

NCOGS: Succession Breeds Success


Monitoring and Evaluation

Ofsted/BIS/DFE: Governing bodies and effective schools

Ofsted: Making it better: improving school governance

Ofsted: Governance - the effectiveness of the governing body - a briefing for inspectors


DfES: National training programme for school governors (published as 11 documents listed below)

- national training programme for new governors - toolkit 2005 intro.pdf

- national training programme for new governors - introductory module.pdf

- national training programme for new governors - module 1.pdf

- national training programme for new governors - module 1 ohts.ppt

- national training programme for new governors - module 1 activities.pdf

- national training programme for new governors - module 2.pdf

- national training programme for new governors - module 2 ohts.ppt

- national training programme for new governors - module 2 activities.pdf

- national training programme for new governors - module 3.pdf

- national training programme for new governors - module 3 ohts.ppt

- national training programme for new governors - module 3 activities.pdf


DfE: The importance of teaching (summary)


IoE: DISS project (published as 6 documents listed below)

- Diss project 1

- Diss project 2

- Diss project 3

- Diss project 4

- Diss project 5

- Diss project 6


GLM partnership: Governor Mark


Common to both books

Ofsted: School governance: learning from the best

DfE: A Guide to the Law for School Governors

Audit Commission: Valuable Lessons - improving economy and efficiency

Audit Commission: Valuable Lessons - briefing for school governors


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